The corner

Tucked into a corner of our building, we serve freshly brewed coffee and in-house made pastries from early in the morning, and a selection of wines from midday onwards. We also have a lunch menu from 11:30 to 14:30.
You’re welcome anytime throughout the day. Please note: we do not take reservations for lunch.

The corner - 108 Restaurant


All Day
From opening & upon availability 

Danish Pastries – 40kr

Sourdough bun – 35kr
with cheese

Cake of the Day – 30kr

Cookie – 20kr

11:30 to 14:30

Food is served with a side of fresh salad.

Sourdough – 50kr
with whipped cream

Blue Mussels – 95kr/150kr
steamed in apple cider, seasoned with herbs and roasted yeast oil

Raw Beef – 135kr
with smoked egg yolk sauce

Green Courgette – 135kr
with aged cheese and pine

Grilled Pork Belly – 135kr 
with summer cabbage and onion sauce

Rhubarb Compote – 75kr
with ale cream and crumble

A Scoop of Rausu Kombu Ice Cream – 45kr

17:00 to 22:00

Pickled Mushrooms – 35kr

Sourdough – 50kr
with whipped cream

Raw Beef – 50kr
with smoked egg yolk sauce

Brown Beech Mushrooms – 150kr
with smoked egg yolk sauce

Braised Pork– 230kr
with autumn truffle

Rhubarb – 110kr
marinated in quince tea with wild roses

Sorbet of Wild Blackcurrants – 120kr
with hazelnut milk

A Dessert of Black Trumpets – 110kr