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Throughout the year we pick berries, flowers, mushrooms and nuts preserving the best of each season. We ferment everything from pumpkin seeds to squid guts, brewing new flavors to heighten our dishes. We collaborate closely with our farmers to better understand our ingredients and our region, in an effort to keep exploring the Copenhagen Kitchen. The menu is a la carte for you to make the evening your own.

Menu 108 Restaurant


From 17:00

Butternut Squash — 145
marinated in fresh almond oil

Fresh Hazelnuts — 255
with 6gr of Royal Belgian Caviar

Bleak Roe — 155k
marinated in rose hip seed oil

Blue Lobster — 165
in a cold broth of green tomato

Brown Beech Mushrooms — 150
with a smoked egg yolk sauce

Braised Pork — 175
with autumn truffle

Rhubarb — 110
marinated in quince tea with wild roses

Sorbet of Wild Blackcurrants — 120
with hazelnut milk

A Dessert of Black Trumpets — 110


“Livretter” is the danish word for your favorite dishes and we want to serve ours family-style. There are fish, meat and vegetable options. We recommend one serving to be shared between two people.

A Cold Salad Of Brown Crab
whole live crab cooked daily and served off the shell
with an egg and seaweed wrap – 595

Pork Belly Glazed In Distilled Honey
with salted apples and last year’s redcurrant – 495

Monkfish On The Bone
grilled and blackened with sourdough bread
served with a side of summer corn – 550

Brown Beech Mushrooms and Grilled Greens 
with a smoked egg yolk sauce – 350

please note the menu is subject to changes

A Taste of 108

A selection of our fall menu. In eight servings we offer a meal of lobster, various vegetables, monkfish, caviar, truffle, and dessert.

The menu is served to the entire table.

1150 per person

A Full Taste of 108

Eight servings, six glasses of wine, water, filter coffee, and avec.

The menu is served to the entire table.

1950 per person

please note the menu is subject to changes



By the glass


Pignoletto ‘Sui Lieviti’, Orsi— 90
Colli Bolognesi, Italy. Bottle 400

Kalkspitz, Christoph Hoch — 125
Kremstal, Austria 2015. Bottle 550

Champagne Brut Nature, Christophe Mignon — 170
Vallée de la Marne, France. Bottle 750


Bianco ‘Masieri’, La Biancara — 90
Veneto, Italy 2016. Bottle 400

Chinuri, Iago’s Wine — 115

Chardaki, Georgia 2015. Bottle 500

Cour-Cheverny ‘Les Saules’, Hervé Villemade — 120
Loire, France 2015. Bottle 525

Sauvignon Blanc ‘Klasica’, Milan Nestarec — 130
Moravia, Czech Republic 2014. Bottle 575

Pourquoi Pas, Domaine De la Pinte — 140
Arbois, France 2016. Bottle 625

Chardonnay ‘Vaumorillon’, Amaury Beaufort — 150kr

Bourgogne Tonnerre, France 2015. Bottle 675

Alexandria, Domaine Matassa — 160
Roussillon, France 2016. Bottle 700


Mystère De Rosée, Michel Guigner — 115
Beaujolais, France 2015. Bottle 500


Petit Jo, La Roche Bussière — 90
Vaucluse, France 2015/16. Bottle 400

Rosso Dei Colli Trevigiani, Costadila — 100
Veneto, Italy 2015. Bottle 750 2L

Bobal ‘Paraje La Muela’, Bodegas Cueva  — 125
Requena, Spain 2016. Bottle 550

Blossom, Gentle Folk — 135
Adelaide Hills, Australia 2016. Bottle 600

Adonis, La Grapperie — 140
 Loire, France 2015. Bottle 625

Régnié, Pierre Cotton— 150
Beaujolais, France 2016. Bottle 675

Vino Rosso ‘Qvevri’, Vino di Anna — 160
Etna, Sicily 2015. Bottle 700


Rosé D’un Jour, Mark Angéli — 130

Anjou, France 2016. Bottle 600

have a look at the wine list

Menu 108 restaurant
Menu 108 restaurant